Tracy Jane Comer

Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist

"…From complex melodies and lyrics to simpler ‘catchy’ tunes her versatility is endless…Tracy Jane Comer’s compositions are poetic, melodic, moving, thought provoking and soothing to the spirit…She seems to possess all qualities she needs to achieve great success in her chosen profession…"

- Jen Lush, Midwest

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"Tracy Jane Comer's Quietly There is a stunning showcase of both her lovely voice and her impressive skill on a variety of instruments…This record is a strong statement that seems determined to reach beyond a local audience."

- Kiki Scheuler, Rick’s Café Magazine

"Tracy Jane Comer’s song ‘This Losing Game’ is a thoughtful, well-produced and haunting anti-war song, worthy of the great Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell. Come to think of it, Tracy Jane’s voice is just as powerful and clear as those ladies as well…"

- International Acoustic Music Awards

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