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Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist

Tracy Jane Comer - photo by Jeff Root
Photo by Jeff Root

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"The musicianship on Quietly There is near perfection. Tracy Jane Comer has incredible guitar skills…She plays a mean cello, too! Her voice is distinct; she has the vocal sound comparable to a young Joni Mitchell, [and] also has the haunting quality similar to Maire Brennan and finally she has a more contemporary Sarah McLachlan feel to her music… Tracy’s biggest talent, however, lies in her incredible songwriting…"

-Jen Lush, Midwest


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Happy New Year!
I've been busy juggling gigs with three different acts for the last several months, and loving every minute of it. I recently started performing on my own again (in April 2017) after a bit of a hiatus, plus I am still co-director of folk/Americana group Common Chord, and also accompany Briana Patrice Brucker, vocalist, in the Briana Patrice Trio (with Alan Maslowski, percussionist).
Regular gigs: As a "solo" act I often am joined by pals (percussion, bass, and/or cello), and perform a mix of covers and a few originals. I am on the regular schedule for The Brink Lounge in Madison (3rd Thursday of every month, 7pm) and just added a regular gig at Twist/Radisson in Madison (4th Tuesday of each month, happy hour, 5-7 pm). I like to have guests join me for my nights at The Brink, and perhaps will at Twist as well, so watch the gig schedule for details!
For Common Chord info/gigs, see
For Briana Patrice Trio info/gigs, see

1/20/2017 Common Chord's new CD is ready!! Common Chord (acoustic collaborative I am part of) is out! We are celebrating its release at our shows in January. You can read all about it at this link.
You can order the CD online via CD Baby (click link above).

In the days since Wild Heart's last show (Sept. 2015) I've remained very busy with music! Most of my creative time has been spent reconnecting with a longtime friend and collaborator, Michael Bryant (former leader of our trio Sticky Fingers, from the early 2000s). He and I have regrouped as an entity we are calling Common Chord, and you can find out more at


I do have a show of my own coming up AUGUST 14 at the Brink for the first time in a while! I'll have some friends participating with me. Please see the SHOWS page. It would mean so much to me to see some smiling faces as I put a proverbial toe back into this water. I have been working on new material that I'm extremely excited about and I have fabulous colleagues joining me for the evening. Yes - even cello! (There's always room for cello!) And harmonies! And percussion! This is definitely my "dream team" and I can't wait to share this music - a mix of originals and some very fun covers drawn from jazz, blues, folk, and even some pop, from some of my favorite songwriters (Laura Nyro, Elton John, Nat King Cole, Diana Krall, and more).

Otherwise - I put in my resignation from the band Wild Heart (which plays "new country" covers) after six years, and it turns out the band is actually dis-banding after our last show, September 12. It's been a fun six years, but I (and at least a couple of my bandmates) have found the format too limiting. Today's new country has gone in directions that just don't interest me. More importantly, I have missed having time/energy available to put into music that is more in keeping with my own tastes and musical styles. I will continue performing on occasion with TC from Wild Heart in the form of our side project Acoustic Alloy, which is a variety cover act (duo or trio with percussion). But mainly I am looking forward to returning to solo and collaborative performing again. I will be focusing on listening-oriented venues around the Madison area and perhaps will do some short road trips to neighboring areas.


Upcoming solo shows: I perform regularly with a few bands and side projects these days and don't do so many solo shows where I perform my originals tunes, but I do have a couple of things coming up...August 3 at the Sugar Maple Festival, and in November I'll be making a return appearance at the Prairie Coffeehouse in DeForest. See the SHOWS page for details.

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